The homeless man

Once upon a time there was a homeless person wandering in the woods  looking for food because he was starving.But as he was looking he ran into this tree and it had a bike in it and the homeless man ran towards it to get a better look he was wondering how it got there because he has never seen such a thing.So he looked around to find something strong and he found piece of wood and he picked it up and started hitting it against the tree to get out and he kept banging and baning till it came out and fell to the ground.

Then the man looked around to see if anyone was and then he took the bike and ran never seen again.

Im very nervous…..

It’s the first day and i’m very nervous and it reminded me of a time when last year I felt nervous because I was going to a new school and I liked it here but I don’t know why i’m still nervous though I have been here for a year and I still feel nervous but people say it’s normal but i’m going to be in the middle school that’s probably why i’m still nervous but okay thanks for listening hope you agree.

A animal statue

This picture shows three that are tall statue and they are goats I think it is supposed to represent something.I think it is on a farm because the statues are goats and it looks like it from the back ground.I think whoever did this loved goats and maybe had goats.This is what I think this statue is supposed to be.They are a beautiful piece of art and I have never seen anything like that in my whole entire life thats why its so cool to me maybe to other people do well I hope you agree.  

The first day of summer

 So today is the first day of summer and I have a whole list planned for the summer lets get started.The first thing is to go swimming but the pool was not working right so it was green so I could not go swimming but that’s okay we can do something else on my list.The next thing is go play soccer at the park but the playground was closed.Well it seemed to be going backwards cause nothing is working right now.But it wont make me stop this is going to be the best summer I ever have lets do it!!!

Only using these words Teacher, Alligator, Mauve, Climbed, and Tricky

HI there my first day of school is today and I found out that my Teacher is a Alligator and our first special for the day was gym I am so excited and what we did is climbed  on a cargo net it was really tricky but fun though the couch was really nice and it’s almost the last hour of school and i’m pretty sad about it.We were doing some arts and crafts and I was using the color Mauve it’s like a very pale purple color but it was pretty well i’m leaving so see you tomorrow it’s going to be awesome.

Are first 100 word challenge!!!

What is this? A statue a piece of art well let’s find out.i think it is a statue of someone climbing a rope like maybe a giant climbing down a rope trying to get to earth or its meant there for a reason like to show a point in art. I don’t know but it is something different.Or maybe something big is trying to come from the bottom of the earth trying to get to the surface.So these are ideas of what I think this is and I hope you agree with one of these ideas.